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Looking for a freelance research editing job? Look no further than Enago! We are constantly on the lookout for Postdoc/PhD/Masters freelance editors who are proficient in the English language, possess a strong command over its grammar, and boast of remarkable experience working with researchers and scientific authors who are non-native English speakers.

  • Help ESL authors polish their manuscripts
  • Be their trusted subject matter experts
  • Guide them through the nuances of English
  • Impart your knowledge to researchers
  • Be an Enago Expert

Current Openings at Enago

Freelance Editor,Remote
Chemistry (Others)Computer ScienceInformation TechnologyEngineering (Others)

Freelance editors play a pivotal role in our business model and help us ensure complete author satisfaction by editing academic papers from a wide range of subject areas meant for publication in highly acclaimed international journals.

Freelance Peer Reviewers and Journal Experts,Remote
Business Management (Others)EconomicsMicrobiologyHumanities (Others)Social Sciences (Others)

Freelance peer reviewers and journal experts not only have an eye for detail to critically examine every manuscript entrusted to us by our global clientele, but they also possess knowledge and first-hand experience of the academic publishing sphere as an author or peer reviewer themselves.

Why Freelance For Us?

Enago has been servicing authors in 125+ countries since 2005. Our motto “Author First, Quality First” has earned us our client’s trust as well as prestigious ISO certifications. Choosing to join Enago as a freelance editor is akin to allowing yourself to step into a world full of opportunities.

Payment on time, every time

We take our payment cycle deadlines seriously and promise a rewarding experience, both financially and intellectually. Our automated workflow management system tracks your assignments and the corresponding fees.

Efficient systems and processes

We prioritize empowering you with the tools and support required to deliver high-quality work on time. To this end, we have efficient systems and processes to ensure a smooth workflow.

Transparent policies

Enago’s transparent policies and protocols ensure clear guidelines and fair practices, fostering trust and collaboration within our editors as well as clients.

Access to useful resources

Our team will equip you with necessary, useful resources that you would need to work on different types of documents.

Attention to your questions and concerns

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so be assured that we try to resolve all your questions/concerns real time to facilitate a seamless collaboration between us.

We seek your feedback, improve, and engage

With Kaizen at the heart of Enago’s values, we continually strive for improvement, and we are eager to hear from you and improve where we can.

Our Editor Video Profiles

These short videos introduce some of our expert editors—the backbone of Enago. We hope these help you gain insights on how freelance editing advances the quality of research making it a viable career opportunity.

Our Editor Testimonials

Here, you can see some of the testimonials from our freelance editors—


What is the application and selection procedure?+

The steps for application and selection procedure are as follows:

  • Fill the application form here
  • On clicking the ”submit” button, you will be guided to our sample test platform, covering 
    three rounds of tests (Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III), and a confirmation email will be sent to 
    a. Stages I and II: Multiple-choice quiz 
    b. Stage III: Sample editing test under your preferred area of expertise
  • We consider the combined score from all three stages, based on our predefined benchmarks, 
    to determine your eligibility for a contract. This contract includes a freelance editor 
    agreement, terms of service, and other pertinent documents.
  • After successfully fulfilling the aforementioned hiring procedures, you will be onboarded and 
    welcomed to our esteemed pool of expert freelance editors.
Are there any specific instructions for the test?+

The test should be edited using the “Track Changes” feature of MS Word. The sample is not entirely representative of the work you will receive; it is targeted at skill assessment only. The sample itself will be an excerpt from a manuscript authored by non-native English-speaking researchers, intended for an international audience. Therefore, apart from the usual revisions pertaining to language, 
grammar, punctuation, and academic writing style, it may warrant sentence reconstruction and content changes to varying degrees. Please feel free to use supporting comments/notes to explain extensive changes and content enhancements, if any, and/or to clarify ambiguities.

Do I need any specific software to take this test?+

No, all you need is Microsoft Word.